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Wedding music
From romance to swing

All our artists have extensive repertoires, and are adept at setting the right mood for any event. Two of our most popular choices for weddings are:

Duos of cello/harp/guitar with piano/accordion
Performing romantic classical at the wedding reception, followed by a swingier group playing joyful, infectious jazz, and ending with a set of your favourite pop songs on iPod for the final boogie.  

Soul/jazz/ska trio of sax/percussion/guitar
Playing feelgood sounds early on, then a funky group/DJ take over with up-tempo dance numbers to make your wedding party really swing.

If you’d rather have live jazz/pop tunes for your wedding, we have some of the finest singers in the country. They’re happy to go with the flow of the evening and take requests, with a repertoire that spans the decades. You can listen to some music samples above.
Whatever wedding package you choose, our aim is to provide a wonderful ambience to fit the mood – be it mellow background or up-tempo and light classical to funky. Just call or email us to discuss your musical requirements.

“Fantastic is probably the best word for you and the wonderful jazz to go musicians. They were brilliant...Everyone has said how good they were and how much they enjoyed it.”
Clive and Julia Lampard, Kenwood House, July 2009

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