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Jazz to Go has a vast array of talent, from solo pianists to swinging big bands. Our aim is to enhance any party or event, whether it’s mellow background or an upfront performance. We work closely with every client to make sure their specific tastes and requirements are met – so that everyone enjoys a successful event.

Jazz to Go provides music, performers and composers for private & public concerts, celebrations, creative corporate parties, charity/community projects, films, commercials and festivals.

Here are just a few of the events we have organised music for:
• Wrap parties, Ruby Films/Woody Allen  - The Groucho Club
• Rat Pack Big Band, RBI Publishing - Grosvenor House Hotel
• VIP Supper - Marsh Inc. - Soho House
• Bugsy Malone Charity Screening - Everyman Cinema
• Nu Sounds Of Jazz (Polar Bear, Acoustic Ladyland, Fishwick Bros)
  - Jazz For Peace, Ronnie Scott's, 100 Club, Glasgow Intl. Jazz Festival
• Film Launch/after party for Bruce Weber "Let's Get Lost" - Curzon 
• Jazz Quartet - Blue Note Festival - Paris
• Burns' Suppers- The Groucho Club And Soho House, New York
• Vintage Jazz, String Orchestras, DJs - Goodwood &Kenwood Houses'
• Alison Owen - Oscar Nights/Pinewood Studios
• Alison Henry Ltd/George Hammer - Celebrations - Cotswolds
• Galliard Homes - Radio Commercial 
• HSBC/Carphone Warehouse TV Commercials
• Jazz @ The Vibe/Globe Theatre Bar - London

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