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"Over the years, I have been privileged to get to know
some outstanding artists, established names and new faces; if people discover how easy it is to celebrate the joy of great live music in any space, then Jazz to Go will have contributed a wee bit to keeping our wonderful music culture alive."

Marie Murphy, vocalist and cultural campaigner

Scottish chanteuse Marie Murphy, has been performing in London since the eighties, when her stunning performance in a Channel Four documentary on jazz in Soho, alongside Georgie Fame, Courtney Pine and Marc Almond, led to projects with Robert Palmer, Emmy winning composer John Altman, UB40 and many others.

In recent years Marie has been asked to recommend and organise music for many events. With promotions featuring up and coming talent, and a sensational Jazz for Peace and Love concert in Ronnie Scott's, Marie was encouraged to establish Jazz to Go.

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